In Sept 2012 we had a very good SOM with the UMMA fellowship of Pastors in the mountains in the province of Zambonga del sur. In the previous two months we had been meeting with three of these pastors to continue to train them to become SOM teachers. They helped me in the September SOM, each teaching one lesson in the module of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. They did well, and are well respected pastors with growing churches. In the same month we held another good SOM at Baroy with over 30 students.. In November we had a very successful SOM in the ‘Tree of life” church which is out in the rice fields. Most of the 30 who attended were workers and leaders from that church. The pastor Hermie Mendiola is one of Pastor Glo’s senior leaders with a growing church and 2 satellite works. We have been training her over the previous year to help us with the SOM teaching. She is a school teacher in her 50’s. well spoken of by Pastor Glo and others in the area. She taught two sessions in the September SOM module which were good. Our plans to continue with the teaching of 8 modules during the year at the Mindanao State University at Marawi were sadly interrupted because of serious Muslim conflict in the university campus. They killed a soldier guarding the university and kidnapped some of the students, so the campus pastors had to cancel the program and said it was too dangerous for us to go. That situation has now become more peaceful and we were able to go in January of this year and conduct a SOM module with approx 75 students. Our relationship with Pastor Roy and the Impact group of churches has been growing over the last 3 years. Especially as we conduct the Baroy SOM in one of their churches and Roy has often been one of my interpreters. Pastor Abraham the leader of the Impact churches has been talking with me over the last year of restarting a local Bible School that he used to have for training leaders and pastors. He wants the training to be mostly from the SOM. He has built a very suitable Bible School Training Centre. Pastor Glo and the LGN churches are expanding with now around 30 growing churches. She has found this very challenging and has sought our advice. We have helped her to develop a program to prepare and train her leaders. We had the privilege of helping her ordain some of her senior ministers. She is at this present time training some 54 prospective leaders. When we return in July we will be allocating 3 Saturdays each month to teach them from a selection of SOM modules. Jim Palmer