Basil D’Souza, and 2 of his leaders joined Mark Churchward and Tom Pender from Southend in Orissa to teach one of the schools on ‘The Gifts of the Holy Spirit’. The School commenced with a prophetic word from Basil. The next several days were amazing, listening and participating in the worship led only with a tambourine and more importantly the presence of the Lord.
Both Jeremy D’Souza and Tom were visiting for the first time and had a section each to teach, while Mark and Basil covered the majority of the material. The Spirit of the Lord was with us and we saw such compassion and love. There were 74 attendees, of which about 53 were pastors; the rest were male leaders and ladies connected with the churches. The faith and love in the hearts of these people was so incredible. The servant heart was alive in them to a degree that I haven’t seen before.
Although we were teaching on the Gifts, it was also a great learning experience, challenging us to grow and mature, allowing the Holy Spirit to operate in us through these different manifestations.
The Q&A sessions went late into the evening, way past the stipulated time. This brought us much joy as we realized the extent to which the delegates had grasped the teaching.
It was hard to say goodbye to that group of people, especially to our translators Samuel and Jissiah, and to DK and his family. It was great to see how God was still moving in them all and that their faith was still so strong amongst the rebuilding that was still going on even this long after the riots.
Tom Pender