We were received very well by Basil and the team of Covenant Blessings Church. The school in Mumbai was attended by around 80 participants over 3 days. Charan Sandhu from Spalding accompanied us. He was involved with us in the teaching on the Second Coming. We were encouraged by the response to the teaching and the appreciation expressed. Following the conclusion of the school on Saturday afternoon there was a baptism service at which 36 people of all ages were baptised. 5 were from the English congregation the rest from the various Hindi congregations of the church. During this month they have baptised 50 new and young believers!

We travelled to Ambala, in the north of India on Monday with Basil and Benny Thomas, one of the other pastors from the church and we commenced a School of Ministry on “The Character of the Leader”. Over the 3 days we the Lord was very clearly with us and we saw Him work powerfully in many lives. There were around 70 leaders from 7 different states gathered together some of them travelling over 500 miles to be with us. The Holy Spirit helped us as we challenged the leaders over a number of issues. As we taught there were moments of inspiration and revelation as we highlighted issues of importance in the life of the leader. In our final session we we prayed and prophecied over every delegate who attended the sessions. This is a very strategic school placed right in the heart of the North of this great country we appreciated the opportunity to be part of all that God is doing.

Location: Mumbai and Ambala, India 
Date: August 2013
Subjects: Second Coming and Leadership Part 2 - The Character of the Leader
Teachers: Charan Sandhu, Peter Butt and Basil D'Souza