We thank God for  enabling us start this School in the Region. Since the birth of this School in the region we have seen God helping some of the Church leaders here in Marafa. I am saying this because, some of the leader in Marafa area have been praying for such an opportunity, and when we started the School, they really felt encouraged.  Some of them told us that, they did not expect  a School like this  could be started in their area. 

All the leaders want the School of Ministry  (Shule ya Huduma) to continue. Jonathan Bozo and Nzai are the host leaders and they promised to encourage  more leaders  in the entire region to join the School.  Lucy Mweni, a leader in Marafa District also said that she would mobilise women from different denominations so that they can also join the School. 

The School has enabled some of the leaders to use the skills they have gotten through the School of Ministries to serve the their Churches effectively. Some of them have planted new churches. 

We had an excellent School of Ministries students graduation at Mpeketoni in November last year 2013. 

The graduation of the students has also encouraged other leaders to see the importance of the School. We expect more leaders to come and join the School. 

There is need for the School to continue in Marafa, because, it has been a blessing for those who have not been able to go to Bible colleges.

Some of the leaders come from very far  for  the School.  They need to be motivated through the district leaders meeting, and it is very important that this be done,  especially by the  Marafa leaders. Pastor Nzai and Rev. Bozo said will do this in the leaders meeting.

We are having another Marafa  School of Ministry in March, and we believe that more leaders will join.

Please,  keep praying for this school as we continue to equip leaders for the glory of God. We need to pray for this school that it continue to  shape the lives of the leaders for God’s glory.

Report by: Reuben Soso, Golbanti Mission centre