Mark Churchward and Peter Burgess along with Garth & Basil from Mumbai left for the long trek to the State of Odisha – the new name for Orissa and were welcomed warmly by DK and his wife. The next three days saw us meeting the 72 people who travelled, some for many miles, to attend the School of Ministries module on ‘Christian Foundations.’  Most were pastors who relate to DK as an apostolic father and have been re-establishing their lives and congregations since the severe persecution of 2007 / 2008 in this region.  

It was Garth's first visit. Peter had been here in very different circumstances 10 years ago, but for us it was a real joy to see so many of these courageous and faithful leaders again.  

 The teaching was very well received, punctuated by times of ministry specifically into the issues of forgiveness and breaking off curses and lies.  During these times many of the pastors had a powerful encounter with the healing and restoring grace of the Father’s love.  And as is so often the case, persecution has only served to cause growth and more people giving their lives to Jesus. 


Basil D'Souza.