A School of Ministries (SOM) took place in Kitui (Kisasi) in Eastern Kenya from 25th to 27th March 2014. The Kitui area is generally hot and dry most of the year, but during this year's SOM, the whole area was green,  it was filled with vegetation, thanks to the ongoing rains across the country. The delegates in attendance arrived on time and full of enthusiasm, which made the sessions very lively and beneficial. This particular SOM covered the following subjects:

1. Leading Small Groups and Home Cells    2. Discipleship

The teachers were Peter Chege and Anne Chege, assisted by Wilson Mulwa.  The coordinator, and also our host, was Onesmus Musyoka. In total, we had 25 delegates – 15 men and 10 ladies – from over 8 church denominations and of different educational backgrounds. It is our sincere hope that most of these seasoned leaders will mentor the next generation of young leaders. It was the first time for most of these leaders to learn about the issue of discipleship.  We hope that many young and talented leaders will be discovered and nurtured in the small groups or home cells. During the evaluation session, the guests expressed their appreciation and it is highly recommended that the SOM in Kitui (Kisasi) continues. Our sincere gratitude goes to John and Jennifer Maxwell, the sponsors of the Kitui (Kisasi) SOM.  Our prayer is that this school will continue to affect many positively, as we equip leaders in the Eastern Province of Kenya.

Peter Chege

SOM Coordinator for Kenya