Graham Bower and Don Bargh travelled to Lubumbashi in the D. R. Congo to convene the School of Ministries programme after a year's break. T

We taught on Leadership - Discovering Your Ministry and Christian Foundations. There was a great hunger and appreciation for the teaching. There were testimonies of healing during the week, an encouraging response to prophetic words, and many were prayed for to receive freedom from generational influences on their were over 100 attending about 30 had clear leadership or ministry roles.

Pastor Joseph and his leaders made a serious request to expand the SOM programme to two weeks next year, and are very keen for us to send ladies to speak at their Womans conference next August .

We then had a short visit to our partner church in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya where we spoke at the SOM training class as well as the Sunday meeting and a special lunch event for the football teams they have started with local youths, and their parents.

The SOM school now runs on a Sunday morning before the main meeting which seems to suit them best. We used one of the two new additional rooms they have built next to the church which was a good venue for the class of 14 students.

Graham Bower.