Peter Butt left for India and Nepal on 14th January. He reports: “Thanks for praying for us. I have just returned with Basil from Nepal after a week of teaching, training and preaching. We had an excellent time with the NIM churches. The weekend meetings were followed by a Training of Teachers event with 15 English speaking local leaders who will form the basis of the teaching team for their proposed SOM programme. We then held an SOM on The Character of the Leaders over 3 days with approx.. 70 leaders from the region. Probably our most important time was with the senior leaders of the movement to decide how to proceed in the development of the ministry. The decision is that we will partner with them to hold training sessions for all of their 135 churches (approx. 700 leaders) in 6 centres around the country. Their vision is to complete the full course every 4 years, this is very ambitious and very challenging it will mean us providing increasing support from the UK and Basil D'Souza increasing in his involvement from India. They are financially underwriting the programme. God has given us an extraordinary door of opportunity in a church that is rapidly growing in numbers and new churches.


Returning to India I ministered in the church in Thane and Versai, laying hands on Joe and setting him apart for leadership in the church and then completed a Training of Teachers programme with their leaders before returning to the UK on 27th January.