Mark Churchward, Peter Robinson from Southend along with Benny and Basil from India left for Orissa where a SOM on Spiritual Warfare was conducted over 3 days. The school started on the Wednesday morning at approximately 11am by which time the majority of the pastors had arrived. In total they comprised 56 pastors from 26 associated Churches and 4 frm other churches.

Basil opened the school with an overview of the subject. It was received with rapt attention and appreciation throughout. At the end a few of the guys came up to the front and were prayed for.

On the subsequent days Basil, Benny, Mark and Peter taught the five sessions. There was an excellent spirit and atmosphere throughout, with each session peppered with questions and exchanges with the students, there was much laughter. To teach freely is not easy when you are working through interpreters, however the guys who did this for us did a superb job that made is so easy for us to flow in our teaching.

When we finally finished the sessions and it was time for the pastors to leave it was so humbling for us to receive the appreciation and joy that they expressed towards us. Each one wanting to shake our hands, to give us a brotherly hug, all with broad grins on their faces which was quite overwhelming and beautiful. The sense of our oneness in Christ was very tangible and completely transcended our differences in appearance, dress, and circumstances, a truly, ‘thank you Jesus’ moment.