Peter Butt and Jeremy Sisley left for Kenya on Thursday, August 6th.. All day Saturday was a Training of Teachers programme with  International Christian Assembles, Kibera with Bishop Andrew Ouma’s leaders.  There were some excellent contributions and we will  end up accrediting 9 new teachers for the on-going training of leaders in the church.

Jeremy preached at the early English speaking meeting and then went straight to their SOM programme teaching on Church Planting. I preached at the main service as well as ordaining a pastor and 2 elders. Following a rushed lunch we travelled to Kisumu by the early evening.

The Kisumu SOM from Monday to Wednesday with Charlie Stockley organising the event was a major success. Around 40 leaders and aspiring leaders were involved. A number of younger leaders and women were part of the school. Questions, times of prophetic input alongside the teaching made this a significant event for many. 

We flew back to Nairobi on Wednesday evening to be taken straight to Ruiru for the SOM in this growing town north of Nairobi.

The Ruiru SOM commenced on Thursday morning with Peter and Ann Chege being our hosts. This school was attended by a number of younger aspiring leaders both men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 as well as senior Pastors. Again it was a joy to be part of training these future leaders of the church in Kenya. The work here is growing significantly and they are about to complete the building of a new 2000 seater church. To see and be part their vision for preparing leaders for the churches  both here and in the region is a privilege. The school was completed by lunchtime Saturday when Jeremy returned to Nairobi to fly home to the UK.

I stayed in Ruiru to preach in the 2 services held in the church Sunday morning. I first visited this church some 15 years ago when they were around 50 people. To see the substantial growth to over 400 men, women and children,

 the establishing of a school for children, of micro economy programmes, great worship band and a mature leadership team made us feel that our work is bearing fruit as we stand alongside key apostolic figures that we feel the Lord joins us to.

Submitted by Peter Butt