After 30 hours of travelling involving 3 flights stopping in 5 countries (England, Holland, Kenya, Zambia and Congo) the last thing I expected was to be taken to a wedding! But it was a good experience and great to see Hazel, Katrina and Stephen who had already been in the Congo for over a week. We all blessed the bride and groom and left before the party really got going. The next day was Sunday and back to the Puis de Jacob (Well of Jacob Church) for a vibrant meeting before a trip back to the airport to bid farewell to Hazel and Katrina. Then down to a busy week of SofM teaching. Stephen taught on the Old Testament and myself on Growing in Christ II. There were about 50s students each day with a fairly even split between males and females, and a good number of established and emerging leaders from  a number of churches. In the previous week Hazel had taught on Prophecy and Katrina on Prayer and Intercession. There had been more students in the first week, predominantly from Puis Jacob and more women in attendance. This was SofM’s fourth visit to Lubumbashi and the first time that we had done two weeks with four schools. The teaching was very well received and the impact of Hazel and Katrina can not be underestimated as a huge encouragement to the women and a challenge to men. The church was very keen that they should return. It was also commented at the wedding on the way Stephen and Katrina had interacted together as an example of a Christian marriage. One the last Sunday before we left there was a spontaneous testimony from the mother of the groom who spoke of her delight that we were able to bless her son’s marriage, which was encouraging. The impact of SofM often goes well beyond the teaching.



Eric Skates, November 2015