Basil D'Souza and Yashwant Wagle visited 3 of our centres in the Philipines. Here is their report:

1.Dipolog. We taught the module Leadership II ‘Qualification of a Leader’, the sessions were hosted by Pastor Renato Advento at Dipolog on Feb.3-4. There were 56 attendees. The module was taught by Basil D’Souza and Yashwant Wagle. Those who attended were very attentive and participated well with a lot of time spent on Q&A.

 2. Marandiing. Again we taught Leadership II ‘Qualification of a Leader’,the sessions were hosted by Pastor Gloria Beronio of Gospel to the Nations (LGN) at Maranding on Feb 5, 8. It was attended by 105 delegates. There were a considerable number of young people. The module was taught by Basil D’Souza There was great appreciation and they eagerly received the teaching. Many questions were asked regarding each characteristic, especially about money, addictions, family matters. Pastor Gloria remarked that this teaching was very timely and  had come on the back of another conference on servant leadership. She also commented that along with the teaching they had also received impartation. 

 3. Baroy. we taught the module Leadership IV 'Effective Leadership', the sessions were hosted by Pastor Roy at Baroy on Feb 12. This was attended by 40 pastors, leaders and others. Basil taught the module with clarity, illustrations and simplicity. Many questions were asked, especially on discipleship.

We thank God for the on-going development of the work on Mindanao, the Philippines.