A School of Ministry on ‘The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit’ was conducted in Orissa. The place was full with 72 pastors and leaders attending the school over 3 days. Basil D’Souza did the bulk of the teaching supported by his team.

The leaders were able to grasp what was being taught and although they are people from the villages and tribal areas they asked some good questions. They were eagerTheir to be taught and to learn as much as possible. 

Their feedback included the following: we usually find theology very boring but in the last three days Basil has kept us fully awake; the illustrations used got our attention; many mysteries were unfolded.

Over all, it was a brilliant time of teaching, passionate prayer and impartation. The people were very excited about what they learnt and they left the place wanting to know more of Holy Spirit as a person and to experience what he has in store for them.

Basil D'Souza