School of Ministry (SOM) is a wing of Barnabas Ministries Africa (BMA) that seeks to empower and equip leaders who are involved in ministry. It is always a joy to go to Kitui for SOM because the delegates there are always so committed and keen to learn. A good number ask very meaningful questions. We were glad to be there except for the heat which was too much. This heat especially after lunch almost lulled people to sleep but they struggled to keep awake. The delegates were twenty-two; eight women and fourteen men most of them were pastors and a few departmental church leaders. They came from six different churches:Pentecostal evangelistic fellowship of Africa, Deliverance, African inland church, C.U.R.A Baptist and G.U.F.P.  . e schools taught were on pastoral and leadership stream helping people and leadership in the church. There was good interaction among the delegates during breaks and very good rapport with the teachers during the course of the sessions. Delegates felt the schools were very relevant and helpful especially on handling church members, guiding and counseling them. Before the SOM was over we had a privilege to see the bore hole which is under construction. This bore hole is done manually and they had reached on the hard rock which they say if they manage to break through then they will have water!

Submitted by Peter and Anne Chege


At the beginning of the year, we bring in new leaders to the School of Ministry(SOM) to be equipped and empowered in readiness to the work ahead of them in ministry. Thirty-one leaders attended and most of them were new. We had also time to pray and share challenges too. The School of Ministry has also become a source programme for equipping key church leaders. It’s out of this programme that the leaders have grown to become pastors and some to missionary ministries. At the moment we have four centres; Itsowe, Marafa, Malindi and Garissa. Plans are underway for more centres to be opened in Kwale (south coast) and Voi to cover the entire coastal province. This will strengthen the church within the region for it is known to be highly influenced by the Islamic faith; which is a great challenge to the church today. It is this concern that drives Barnabas Ministries Africa to empower and equip men and women with the word of God, and also give them materials to carry home for reference for most of them have never attended any bible school.

We thank God for the all the supporters who have made this schools to happen.

Submitted bu Meleckson and Huldah Dalano.