School Of Ministry at Ntungamo lasted for 4 weeks with 60 pastors and church leaders in attendance. Of the 60 students, 10 were Bishop of churches in various communities. The rest were key Pastors and support ministers in churches. School Of Ministry has not only caused fundamental spiritual transformation and development in individual ministers lives but also cause an incredible atmosphere and platform for unity and reconciliation. Key pastors who had  horrible relationships and would never meet or greet have miraculously met and reconciled at School of Ministries. SOM has also influenced and fired up ministers for vision leading to an evangelistic mission team known as Gospel Revolution International (GRI). The Team is planning on opening up in Ntungamo Town a Christian resource centre with Library of Christian Books, video, Gospel Tracks, Gospel equipment etc, internet cafe , a learning and meeting central place for all ministers. SOM has furthermore influenced Church planting in which over 6 pastors reported New branch  churches being planted and one leader James has now planted over 10 churches since he attended SOM. This year's teachings deeply touched students so much that during the teaching many  broke into tears which brought healing, others being filled with the spirit as well. There was a strong move of the Spirit as never before. Thank you for your continued undivided love and care for Ntungamo school Of Ministries.

Grace unto all.  Ben Tubumweze