SOM Kitui was successful. It was held on 19th -20th September 2017 at PEFA Kalundu in the Eastern Part of Kenya.

Carol and Anne taught the schools of Missions and church administration respectively. The delegates were seventeen altogether both men and women. The gents were eleven and six ladies. We were glad to note that we had quite a number of young people being equipped for ministry unlike other times.

During the sessions, the delegates were very receptive and active in asking questions related to what was being taught. They also contributed in giving their views on concerning any matters that was raised in the course of learning.

The school of missions gave them a wider perspective on the great commission than they had as they later admitted. They left feeling they had a great role to play towards reaching all people groups by praying, giving and going. They appreciated the SOM supporters through BMA and they look forward to being equipped more and more. Everyone had a great time of food and fellowship during tea and lunch breaks. Those were the moments when some of them opened up and received some counseling.

Thank you so much for your great support. May God continue to abundantly bless you.

Peter & Anne Chege